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Every lead is a customer actively looking for financial advice

By partnering with us, we guarantee you:

  • Affordable, fixed-price leads
    You're only charged a single price for each lead.
  • No setup fees
    You'll be charged absolutely nothing before you start receiving leads.
  • Leads in all UK postcodes sent to you in real-time
    Choose where you want your clients to be located.

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What our partners say:

  • "Lead Tech consistently send us great leads. We get great ROI from our partnership, because the fund values we’re asked to deal with are often well over £300,000"

Over 400% ROI
reported by our partners

A great return on your investment. We'll work together to maximise your returns at all times.

Over 100,000 leads
generated every year

With consistent lead volumes, we generate more financial advice leads than any other company in the UK.



You only receive profitable clients that help your business grow.


You benefit from our expertise in marketing and technology.


You receive unparalleled levels of service.


Hands-on help to get the most out of your leads.

"We founded Lead Tech to give financial advisers what they actually want and need, rather than blindly following what other lead generators do."
Nigel Borwell, Lead Tech Co-Founder


Lead Tech is the largest independently owned financial services lead generator in the UK.

We generate high quality leads for financial advisers, delivering more leads to each partner than any other company.

Why is our independence important?

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t have any in-house financial advisers.

That means all the leads we generate are distributed to you in a transparent and fair way.

"We're better because we do things the right way, not the accepted way, ensuring we have a positive impact on our partners' businesses."
Paul Walsh, Lead Tech Co-Founder